Welcome to the official informational website for the Nottingham School Improvement Project.

How we got here

  • A subcommittee of the school board was formed to evaluate the facilities and determine space needs.
  • After a competitive bid process, an architect, SamynD’Elia Architects, was hired to further evaluate the building and develop plans to address issues found.
  • A construction manager, Eckman Construction, was hired to help review the design and determine the estimated cost of the project.

This website was created to inform voters about the building deficiencies and design solutions that are being proposed for the Nottingham School and is funded by private donations.


The Nottingham School, located at 245 Stage Road, Nottingham, NH, was built in 1995. Over the years, the space available within the school has become inadequate, not meeting the needs of students and staff due to changes in curricular requirements. Teachers are teaching off of carts, closets and storage areas have been converted into teaching spaces, and hallways are being used as pull-out areas to work with students. Additional space is needed in order to accommodate the academic needs of the students.

The existing facilities have not been updated in 25 years, and these proposed solutions were developed with the next 25 years in mind.

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